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Etiquette Enrichment

Etiquette Enrichment Class 

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The VJSL Etiquette Committee provides two etiquette courses at the Converse Dalton Ferrell House each year for boys and girls ages 5-10.  This class curriculum by Emily Post and Lyudmila Bloch covers introductory dining etiquette, making introductions and conversations, writing thank you letters, and more.  The course is concluded with dinner on the last night for the children to practice what they learn. 

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This October the VJSL hosted an Etiquette Course for students from the Boys & Girls Club of Valdosta, Inc. and Southside Recreation Center. They were chosen by their supervisors based on behavior and academics. During the four-week course students learned dining etiquette and social behavior. The final evening the students were served dinner and practiced their table manners.

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Over the summer the VJSL Etiquette Committee hosted our Etiquette Class on Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 from 9am-12pm. Twenty participants learned important social skills, thank you note writing, and table manners. The class took place at the Converse-Dalton Ferrell House and concluded with a lunch across the street at 306 North to practice what they learned!